We serve teens and communities across the country.

TreeHouse has been serving teens since 1979, helping them build relationships and resiliency rooted in living hope. We’re based in Minnesota, but we have sites across the country. Each of our sites host programs twice a week to give teens a safe space to find support and belonging. Through mentorships, retreats, and other off-site activities, teens have the opportunity to build even deeper relationships with peers and caring adults.

We love teens and

believe they are a vital part of our communities. But hopelessness is becoming a defining story for this generation—breaking down both teens and communities.

So we are

on a mission to end hopelessness among teens.


grace-based programs and environments where teens learn to know a loving God, build resiliency, develop healthy relationships, and plan for the future.

So that

every teen is rooted in the living hope of Jesus—unleashing untold potential in communities everywhere.

The TreeHouse Approach

We create safe spaces for teens to belong.

When teens feel safe, they open up and come alive. That’s why we create spaces in all of our programs for teens to build relationships, find support, and have fun in environments where they feel cared for and valued.

We partner with community members who believe no teen is a lost cause.

TreeHouse’s programs can’t happen without the help of dedicated community members who are invested in the lives of the teens we serve. Volunteers partner with TreeHouse staff to support our programs and impact the teens in their community.

We have TreeHouse sites across the country so that no teen is without hope.

Hopelessness isn’t a locational issue. It’s not unique to certain demographics. That’s why we’re expanding TreeHouse to reach more teens in more communities nationwide. But we can’t do it without the partnership of invested communities.

Central Wisconsin Staff

Brigette Henschel


My name is Brigette Henschel and I am the Area Director for Treehouse Central WI. My passion is in helping the youth of Waushara County because they are our future and well worth investing in. I deeply enjoy helping them feel loved and accepted and also teaching them how to cope with whatever comes their way in life. I also enjoy helping them see that they can do or be anything in life if they just put their hearts and minds into it. I am the Founder of Amalia’s Hope and have spent the past 6 years traveling to hundreds of high schools and middle schools around the state of Wisconsin telling my daughter Amalia’s story and speaking to kids about the dangers of drugs and bullying and peer influence and how to make good choices. By focusing more on the youth of Waushara County we are investing in the future of Waushara County as a better place to grow up, live, and thrive.

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