Circle of Hope is a community of monthly givers committed to supporting the ongoing, everyday work of TreeHouse staff and volunteers.

Ending hopelessness requires unending support. And Circle of Hope monthly givers help ensure this daily work of empowering teens goes uninterrupted. Every day, TreeHouse staff and volunteers show up to be a consistent voice of truth and hope in teens’ lives, but they can’t do it alone.

We need champions. We need advocates.

We need a Circle Of Hope.


By making a recurring monthly gift to TreeHouse, you are part of the circle that supports those who serve teens every day—meeting the ongoing financial needs of leaders working to end hopelessness.


Enabling trained mentors who help teens feel safe and loved.


Hiring high quality staff members who show up for teens daily.


Engaging volunteers and providing resources to equip local advocates.

Play a role in the future of TreeHouse.

Today we’re setting out to reach more teens than ever before.
 We’d love to have you join us in our mission to end hopelessness among teens.

Get Involved Today

Our vision is for every teen to be rooted in living hope—unleashing untold potential in communities everywhere. Get involved by giving to TreeHouse Central WI today!