Since day one, TreeHouse has always been about serving teens.

Seeing a need

In 1979, TreeHouse founder Fred Peterson was a middle school teacher who saw too many teens slipping through the cracks. So he started working with teens in his community with a singular mission: build relationships, one teen at a time.

Building A Structure

As TreeHouse grew, we knew we needed more structure. So we developed an innovative curriculum that informs how we format our programs and provide support, accountability, and grace to the teens we serve.

Multiplying Potential

In the last several years, we’ve expanded beyond Minnesota to reach even more teens. In 2019, we opened a new training center to better develop our growing number of TreeHouse sites. With this expansion, we have a renewed vision to end hopelessness among teens.

Play a role in the future of TreeHouse.

Today we’re setting out to reach more teens than ever before.
 We’d love to have you join us in our mission to end hopelessness among teens.

"No matter what I’ve done, or what’s been done to me, I can work through it, reach my goals, and become stronger. My life isn’t defined by this moment, but I have a future to look forward to."

Get Involved Today

Our vision is for every teen to be rooted in living hope—unleashing untold potential in communities everywhere. Get involved by giving to TreeHouse Central WI today!